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If there was a perfect time for it, that time has passed.

I’m an Aliens fan. Who isn’t? It’s arguably one of the greatest sciene fiction franchises of all time. It’s a universe rich with action, suspense, horror and, well, Aliens. So why isn’t there any decent Alien games? Sure, back in the day Alien vs Predator had it’s time in the spotlight, but what about this generation? Gearbox thought they could answer the fans begging for just that with Aliens: Colonial Marines. It’s a FPS set smack-bang between the second and third films and is set on the planet LV-426. I mean, what better setting could you have for an Alien game than LV-426, right?

I can’t tell you how exciting i find the idea of an Alien game that sticks to the foundations of the best movie. But at the same time, the more footage I see of the game in action, the more sceptical I become. I’m in that situation where I have a small chap sat on each of my shoulders. One of them is saying ” An Alien game! Just think, you’re a marine, slowly making your way down the dark, dingy hallways of LV-426. Motion tracker in one hand, pulse rifle in the other, knowing that there’s something out there, stalking you in the dark. Imagine that feeling of knowing that you probably won’t survive much longer but the excitement of seeing how long you can last against waves of brain-munching aliens. Not to mention you get to play the campaign with three of your pals!”

However, the other guy is saying ” You want scary? Dead space 3 came out the other day. You want an awesome, action-packed FPS? Crysis 3 comes out in a couple of weeks. You’ve got a wife, a son and a mortgage to take care of. You can’t waste £40 of your hard earned cash on a half-assed game that’ll be £15 in a month. especially when March has enough games coming out to bankrupt you. God of War? Gears of War? Bioshock? Are you willing to give up your purchase of one of those games so you can play a five to eight hour story of mediocrity? I didn’t think so.”

Although they both make good points, I think the second guy has won me over. With the lack of reviews at the minute there’s no hard evidance saying the game isn’t any good. I just can’t help shake that feeling that it’s not going to be at the same standard as all the other unmissable titles coming out over the next couple of months. Developers know the 360 and PS3 are at the end of their life-cycle, they’re pushing said consoles to their limits with games like Crysis 3 and Tomb Raider. I just don’t see the same result when I see the trailers and game-play demos of Aliens: Colonial marines. Hopefully, I’m proven wrong and the review scores will be through the roof. It’s definatly a game I’ll try out one day. But for now, I’ll save my money for March. I’m gonna need it.

Will you be buying Aliens: colonial marines despite the review scores? Or are you saving up for something slightly more polished? Let me know.