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Xbox One Or PS4?

‘Next-Gen’ is now fully upon us. It is – to many – ‘Current-Gen’. But which console gives you the best gaming experience for multi-platform games?

A little game called Watch Dogs is just over the horizon, and for many of the lucky gamers out there that saved up all that extra cash to buy both consoles, a problem presents itself. Which console do I buy watch dogs for? I bought my Xbox primarily for the multiplayer side of gaming. Whereas my PS4, is strictly for single-player ‘me time’. So which version of Watch Dogs should I get? It has a single-player that I can sink hundreds of hours into, but it has an intriguing multiplayer element to it that’s really unique. The main problem I have is that most of my online pals are on Xbox One. So I feel that if I get it on PS4, I’ll miss out on some great multiplayer moments. But I love the solitude of my PS4 for single-player.

Then you have to take into account how the game will actually run. Ubisoft have said that both versions of the game will run at 30fps, but the game runs at a resolution of 900p on PS4, and a peculiar 792p on Xbox One. Weather or not this will be very noticeable is yet to be seen. But do I really want to spend my money on (for lack of a better word) inferior version? Resolution isn’t always a huge issue to me, but in an open-world game with that kind of scope/scale, surly it’s where resolution counts the most.

When it comes to games like Batman: Arkham Knight or Alien: Isolation, it’s easy for me to say PS4. When I look at Destiny, I can’t imagine playing it on anything other than Xbox One. But Watch Dogs has me stumped. I know, first world problems, right?

Which version of Watch Dogs will you be buying later this month?